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Inspired by nature and the beauty of scents, Element Living’s signature home fragrances are created to enhance your surroundings and add a personal touch to any space.

An Australian based company, ELEMENT LIVING started with the idea of creating ambience using fragrances. While designers use colours to transform space, fragrances can also accentuate a space, making it feel warmer, relaxing, sophisticated or cheerful. Fragrances can evoke memories; reflect your desires and emotions, bring calmness and balance to your well-being. Indulge your senses with our fragrance reed diffusers, hand poured soy wax candles and room sprays.

For many years, our creator, Margaret Taylor used her passion and fascination with aromas to produce unique fragrances to share with her family and friends. A simple, suburban housewife, Margaret spent most of her spare time studying and exploring the elaborate world of fragrances. She blended her own fragrances, and used them to create her ever popular natural scented soy wax candles.

ELEMENT LIVING began its journey when close friend and founder Sara Anderson convinced Margaret to share her exquisite fragrances with the rest of the world. Sara is passionate about fragrances. She strongly believes in the relationship between fragrances and moods, and the idea of air as therapy.

“A room is not complete unless the air is filled with beautiful, aromatic fragrances. Luxurious aromas that allow your senses to take incredible journeys while capturing and reflecting your emotions.”
-  Sara Anderson