Decorating your home with fragrances can add another dimension to your personal oasis. It allows you to easily create and change the atmosphere of any room to suit your mood.

The idea of fragrance layering is to blend aromas that compliments with each other creating that unique scent that lingers throughout your home. A scent should not overpower a space. It should merely accentuate the ambience of a room.

For a hassle-free all year fragrance, use a reed diffuser. The long-lasting fragrance allows your home to smell beautifully in an understated way. Light a scented candle anytime to add a constant aroma and ambience to your space. And for that instant burst of refreshing fragrance, use a room spray. The intermingling of the different aromas and layers of fragrances will release a special scent that will be personal to you.

Layering fragrances can be achieved in many ways. For a single fragrance, layer the same fragrance of different products to achieve the intensity preferred. For multi-layered fragrances, select similar fragrances that compliments with each other to build the ultimate aroma experience. Likewise, place two different fragrance reed diffusers in a room, or burn several scented candles to enhance the ambience of any space.