The profile of a fragrance is the overall scent characteristic and classification of the fragrance. Each profile includes a top, middle and bottom notes of a fragrance as well as a specific family or group defining it as a floral, fruity, fresh, oriental and woody type of fragrance.

These are the lightest scents and evaporate most rapidly. They are intended to arouse curiosity and often form a person’s initial impression of the perfume.

Also known as “Heart Notes” is the core fragrance in any perfume. As the top notes fade, the middle notes will emerge, and together with the base notes form the theme of the fragrance.

These fragrances are heavier and longer lasting, and bring depth and richness to a perfume. It serves as the foundation which the perfume is based.

Delicate scents of a single floral note to the heady bouquet of mixed flowers make up this popular fragrance family. Classic, elegant, sensual and romantic are often used to describe these fragrances. Floral aromas can range from pure and fresh, soft and powdery to sweet with a touch of spice.

Fragrances: Tuberose & Tulip, Jasmine & Neroli

Luscious, juicy, vibrant fragrances of green apples, sweet berries, nectars and exotic tropical fruits compose this modern fragrance family. Comprise of an entire fragrance, or blended to give sweetness and effervescent; fruity fragrances are youthful, delicious and uplifting.

Fragrances: Passion Fruit & Peach, English Pear & Lily

The nature-inspired scents are verdant, invigorating and clean. Fragrances of light zesty citrus and crispy greens, lush scents of forests and leaves, and cool refreshing aquatic aromas are characters within this fragrance family. Fresh fragrances denote clean, wellness, natural, energizing and revitalizing.

Fragrances: Green Bamboo & Lime, Bergamot & Freesia, White Tea & Verbena, English Pear & Lily

A mysterious fragrance that is alluring and fascinating. Oriental fragrances are rich, exotic, sophisticated and sensual. A complex blend of warm amber and resins, rare woods and spices, sweet vanilla and opulent flowers form this strong and heady fragrance family.

Fragrances: Jasmine & Neroli, White Tea & Verbena, Amber & Sandalwood

These sophisticated woody compositions evoke freshly cut dry timbers, warm exotic woods, smoky leather-like scents combined with fruity or floral fragrances. Woody fragrances are nutty and spicy, bold and distinct, and earthy and inviting.

Fragrances: Amber & Sandalwood