What are the scented candles made from?
Our scented candles are made using 100% natural soy wax from the USA, and lead-free cotton wicks.

What are the advantages of soy wax over paraffin wax?
Soy wax is a renewable resource and it is a non-toxic ingredient.
Soy wax is a non-petroleum based product. It is all-natural, environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
Soy candles are virtually soot and smoke free; producing about 90% less than many other candles.
Soy candles burn slower and cooler. It can burn up to 50% longer than paraffin candles.
Soy wax melts at a low temperature. This allows for an excellent fragrance throw, and scent retention.
Soy wax spills can be easily cleaned with hot soapy water.

How do I maintain a scented candle?
Keep wick centred & trimmed to 7mm (1/4in) to ensure even burning & prevent the flame from becoming too large.
Keep burning candles out of drafts and away from anything that can easily catch fire.
Burn candles for at least 2 hours or until the top layer of the wax is fully melted before extinguishing. This will maintain subsequent even burning.
Allow wax to completely cool before re-lighting to ensure that the candle burns effectively.

Why does my candle burn unevenly?
Before lighting, always check that the wick is centred. If the wick is leaning against one side, the flame will only melt that side of the candle. Try and straighten the wick and gently pushing it to the centre with a wick dipper or knife. When burning candles, avoid drafts, and rotate the candle once in a while.

Do your scented candles create soot?
If you burn the candles properly, soy candles are virtually soot-free. However, if you burn the candles too long and do not trim the wick, it will begin to smoke.

What’s the best way to extinguish a candle?
Most people would blow the candle, however this may cause the melted wax pool to be destroyed and sometimes the wax may splatter. A good way is to snuff it out using a candle snuffer.

Why is the scent throw not that strong in some candles?
The fragrance is not immediately noticed after burning. Allow the wax pool to form and slowly release its fragrance. Some scents are generally stronger and has a better release flow than others.

Why are some fragrances stronger or last longer than others?
All essential oils and fragrances vary in natural scent strength. In general, light, fresh, green fragrances are more volatile and evaporate more rapidly; whilst heady, musky, woody fragrances are heavier and remain in the atmosphere longer.

Why does the same scent smell different in the three types of product?
Fragrances are emanated differently in each product which will have an effect on the overall scent released. This is most significant in scented candles. When heated, the natural oils within the wax are simultaneously dispersed into the air. While reed diffusers release its fragrance into the air in layers resulting in a deeper fragrance over time. As for room sprays, every spray maintains its fresh, light scent and slowly subdue into the more mellow fragrance.

My candle has changed colour slightly, why? 
Exposure to sunlight and strong lighting may cause the natural ingredients within the candle to discolour. Fragrances which include ingredients like vanilla will show the most drastic change.

Why is the surface of my candle uneven after burning?
Natural waxes behave differently to the common paraffin waxes. The combination of the soy wax and the fragrances cools irregularly leaving a slightly lumpy surface.

There are air bubbles and “wet spots” in my candles, why is that?
Sometimes you may notice air bubbles in and around the candles. Soy wax is more sensitive to temperature change than other waxes, and will sometimes shrink as a result. All our candles are hand poured and may vary slightly in consistency and appearance. This is not a defect and will not affect the quality or performance of the candle when burned properly.

Why does the surface of my candle appear dry and frosted?
Frosting is a natural characteristic of soy. It is not a flaw. And it is strictly unique to pure soy candles. Frosting does not affect the scent throw or the burning properties of the candle. Frosting is a particular crystal growth in vegetable oils. It will cause the candle to look dry, which is simply a characteristic of that crystal structure, but has nothing to do with the candle "drying out".

What can I do to prevent my candle from frosting?
To minimize frosting, try to keep your candle out of direct sunlight and florescent lighting. After each use, replace the cover once the candle has cooled down. This will reduce the amount of light entering the candle, and also protect it from dusts. Even changes in the weather can cause additional frosting. It's just one of the beautiful and natural features of soy wax.

Why does my candle look “sweaty”?
This may occur when there is an extreme change in temperature. Due to its lower melting point, soy wax can sometimes release excess moisture. Soy sweat can be easily wiped off with a tissue and will not affect the quality and performance of the candle.

What precautions should I take when using scented candles?
Keep burning candles out of drafts and away from anything that can easily catch fire.
Keep out of reach of children & pets.
Burn candles only on a stable heat resistant surface for not more than 4 hours at a
Do not move while burning or while the wax is still hot.

How should I store the scented candles?

Store candles in a cool, dry place, away from direct and indirect sunlight. Soy candles will discolour when exposed to too much light. Also, at high temperatures, the candles may start to melt or sweat.