How long will my bottle of diffuser last?
Once opened, a bottle of 100ml diffuser should last you approximately 4months. Factors such as hot, dry weather, air-conditioning, and drafts are all factors that may affect the evaporation rate of your diffuser.

Why are the aroma oils different in colour?
Our fragrances are blended using natural essences, and botanical and fruit extracts which may differ in hues. We do not use any artificial colours in our products.

Why does the aroma oil change in colour?
The natural fragrances within the perfume will deepen over time; particularly once the bottle has been opened. Exposure to sunlight and strong lighting may cause the natural ingredients within the diffuser to change in colour.

Once opened, will the fragrance change?
Yes. When initially opened, the fragrance diffused will be fresher and lighter. But over time, the fragrance will mature and a deeper scent is released.

Why are some fragrances stronger or last longer than others?
All essential oils and fragrances vary in natural scent strength. In general, light, fresh, green fragrances are more volatile and evaporate more rapidly; whilst heady, musky, woody fragrances are heavier and remain in the atmosphere longer.

Why do some fragrances evaporate faster than others?
Light, fresh, green fragrances are more volatile and evaporate more quickly, while the heady, musky, woody fragrances tend to linger in the air. Other factors such as air-conditioning or drafts, and the frequency which you turn the reeds may also affect the longevity of the diffuser.

Why does the same scent smell different in the three types of product?
Fragrances are emanated differently in each product which will have an effect on the overall scent released. This is most significant in scented candles. When heated, the natural oils within the wax are simultaneously dispersed into the air. While reed diffusers release its fragrance into the air in layers resulting in a deeper fragrance over time. As for room sprays, every spray maintains its fresh, light scent and slowly subdue into the more mellow fragrance.

Do I need to leave all the reeds in the diffuser bottle?
For a more subtle fragrance, you may use fewer reeds. But we recommend using all the reeds. The reeds fill the bottle cap and prevent insects and dust from entering the oil. Instead, flip fewer reeds to reduce the fragrance intensity.

How do I maintain and refresh the diffuser?
The intensity of the fragrance can be controlled by how many and how often you flip the reeds. If you find the reeds dusty, use a paper towel and lightly remove the dust. This will prevent the oil from becoming dirty which may affect the overall performance of the product.

What precautions should I take when using reed diffusers?
Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Do not ingest.
Keep away from heat and open flame.
Never light the reeds.
Avoid contact of oil with fine wooden surfaces and delicate fabrics.
Spills should be wiped off immediately.
Wash hands after flipping the reeds or touching the aroma oil.

How long can I store the reed diffusers?
Always store the products in cool, dry place, and away from direct sunlight. If stored properly, our reed diffusers can be kept for approximately 3 years.