Our exquisite fragrances are specially blended using the finest natural ingredients. The scents have been meticulously tested to ensure the beautiful fragrances are evenly released as soon as the wax is warmed; each and every time the candle is lit. Our unique, opulent fragrances have been specially formulated to achieve the optimum aromatic experience.


All our candles are hand-crafted using the purest natural soy wax from the USA. The high quality wax has been carefully mixed and poured to ensure each candle maintains its beauty and consistency through the life of the candle.
Lead-free cotton wicks have been selected to provide the cleanest burn every time. The wicks are carefully centred by hand and the candles are allowed to rest and cure for a minimum of 24 hours.


Our scented candles are all handled with patience and care. Once the candles have cured and the wicks have been trimmed, each glass container is covered with a slick chrome-plated lid. The stylish lid can be used to protect the candle when not in use, or as a coaster while the candle is burning. Each candle is then carefully checked and packed in an elegant, contemporary gift box.