Unlike other senses, the sense of smell is probably the most powerful. Every breath we take, we are unconsciously sending signals to the brain that affect our emotions, moods and behaviours.

Fragrances fill the air we breathe. Some aromas brighten our moods and lift our spirits, while others bring feelings of calmness, relaxation and romance. Aromas are natural mood enhancers. They can evoke our feelings and desires, as well as transport us to a place of memories.

Just like colours, fragrances can accentuate a space. Fill your home with different aromas to create a mood for every room. Place a warm and inviting fragrance at the entrance, something fresh and soothing in the living areas, while a light floral and relaxing scent for the bedrooms.

Room fragrances are also ideal for public spaces. Inviting, warm aromas are great for hotel lobbies and reception areas. Relaxing, serene scents are most suitable for a rejuvenating spa experience; soothing, uplifting aromas are added in shopping malls to boost the moods of shoppers and increase sales; while floral, romantic fragrances can transform the overall mood of an event, such as weddings, anniversaries, bridal parties, etc.

Use fragrances that are calm and comforting in medical clinics to ease the anxiety while sitting in the waiting rooms; while invigorating, refreshing scents can be added in office spaces to increase productivity.

Fragrances are a key element in enhancing our daily well-being. Surrounding yourself with fragrances that can lift your spirit and boost your mood is an essential in generating a balanced mind, body and soul.